Outside the Vancouver Art Gallery

Outside the Vancouver Art Gallery

Four Boats Stranded: Red and Yellow, Black and White
Here are the Black and yellow one, the other two coming…

Artist statement
“Taking into account several important attributes of the Vancouver Art Gallery’s site, Ken Lum has created a work that serves as a directional , geographical and historical marker. The four installed boats include scaled down versions of a First Nations Longboat, Captain Vancouver’s ship, the Komagata Maru (the infamous 1914 Indian immigrant ship) and a cargo ship that recently carried migrants from China’s Fujian Province. The boats are each painted a single colour which speaks to a colonial stereotyping of cultural, racial and historical identification. The First Nations boat is red, Captain Vancouver’s ship is white, the Komagata Maru is black and the Fujian ghost ship is yellow.” (From a VAG press release, September 2001)

There are some multi colored vehicles? or whatever outside the entrance, not sure what it’s about, must find out. interesting though:

Bronze Eagle Sculpture at Robson Square with Vancouver Art Museum

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