WOW Westminster

WOW Westminster

WOW Westminster
Artist: José Resende (b.1945, Brazil),

I went down to the Westminster Pier Park on Thursday night, July 20, 2017 to attend the Music by the River, see my post on my main blog here: Music by the River and while there I had a little visit with one of Vancouver’s Biennale Public Art Displays at the east side Westminster Pier Park in New Westminster, British Columbia. It’s called ” WOW Westminster. it’s an impressive sculpture made out of four forty-foot shipping containers made to form a ” W “.

Quote…from the Biennale website:
“Resende’s WOW WESTMINSTER is not only an interpretation of the economic activity of the Fraser River and the flow of goods through trains, ships and trucks: it’s also about capturing the energy and history of this transportation hub, the transformation of the City of New Westminster and its waterfront into a recreational arts and cultural playground.”
For more information about this installation and the rest of Vancouver Biennale public art installations check out their website Here: Vancouver Biennale

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