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Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport

I went on a quick trip to the Vancouver Airport this morning before I had to make the Vancouver Chinatown Keefer street Rally. took a few pics of some of the artwork I found there. Apparently the info booth has a brochure regarding the art in the airport but they were out of them the day I went. I’ll be back and hopefully they will have more brochures and I can finish finding all the artwork available for viewing.

Musqueam Welcome Figures: 1996 Artist: Susan Point
near the bottom of the escalators, stairs and streams in Canada Customs Hall, display a traditional Coast Salish welcome to travelers. The deeply carved frontal aspects of both figures are inspired by historical Coast Salish house posts. Carved in the Clayoquot tradition of the Nuu-chah-nulth people, these welcome figures are based on those that would be placed on the beach in front of a village or a big house to greet guests invited to special events. Each figure is designed to look out to sea, arms raised, palms facing upward. The male figure wears the traditional knobbed hat denoting a high-ranking personage, possibly a whaling chief. The female figure wears the common domed hat. Both wear an apron-like garment traditionally made from the shredded, beaten and woven inner bark of the cedar tree.

The Spirit of Haida Gwaii: The Jade Canoe, Year: 1994 Artist: Bill Reid – Terminal: International
inspired by nineteenth-century miniature canoes carved in argillite, a soft sedimentary rock that is found near Skidegate on Haida Gwaii. creatures and beings, their identities drawn from legends and oral histories of the Haida, and their forms energetically and sometimes fiercely interacting with each other in the manner of rivalrous siblings. Originally conceived and created for the new Canadian embassy in Washington D.C., it was installed in YVR to welcome visitors to the world.

Cedar Connection :2009. By Susan Point. Vancouver which features a human face and owl within a tree stump.

Celebrating Flight 2009. By Don Yeomans
narrative art montage of a Haida totem pole, light blue panels that mimic northern lights flowing towards a suspended wooden carved moon face. in the atrium of the Link Building at Vancouver Airport.

Chester Johnson Park Outside International Arrivals, a small green space that provides a bit of nature amidst the hustle and bustle of airport traffic.
Three K’san Totem Poles stand next to a small pond that is fed by a rocky waterfall and split by a path over a bridge.

right beside the largest green wall in all of North America, measuring 17 meters high and 11 meters wide! The wall is made up of 27,391 individual plants, Designed by renowned landscape architect Randy Sharp, the wall is composed entirely of local flora, including bergenia,
fern, common nana and white and green euonymus.

Lying Stills: Constructing Truth with Photography By: Kevin Day | Professional Development Advisor, School for the Contemporary Arts . These photos are placed along the windows in the walkway from the Skytrain to the Airport.
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The Vancouver International Airport i dedicated to supporting emerging First Nations artists through the YVR Art Foundation.